Why Mantis Tillers

Why Mantis Tillers?

Mantis has a long-established history of simplifying the toughest gardening and landscaping tasks. Mantis introduced the first small tiller over 40 years ago, and we’ve remained at the forefront in providing big results from a mini tiller. Our customers have relied on Mantis tillers to help them grow great gardens and keep their lawns and backyards looking their best since 1980. Don’t rely on just any tiller – trust the original and most experienced name.

Meet the World’s Best Selling Mini–Tiller

We WERE the FIRST and we are the FINEST. The Mantis Mini Tiller design has been replicated by virtually every other small tiller on the market. None have matched our quality, performance, ease of use, or commitment to innovation.

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A Legacy of Quality and Durability

There’s a reason why Mantis tillers are passed down to generations of gardeners; they’re designed to last! Constructed of durable materials, our tillers exemplify strength, longevity and quality.


Met and exceeded my expectations!
Impressed with my new 4 stroke mantis tiller. Breaks through hard Southern Delaware clay and does a very nice job of garden bed prep. Easily cuts through 3/4” tree/shrub roots!
Bob L – Lewes, DE

Torture Tested Design

We torture-test our tillers in a specially designed chamber filled with a mixture of rocks, sand, topsoil and hardwood mulch. We run them hour after hour, day after day to assure they’ll stand up to the toughest digging and tilling conditions. No other manufacturer is as committed to the long-lasting durability and dependability of your tiller as Mantis is.

Mantis Tillers Torture Pit

Heavyweight Performance in a Lightweight Tiller

The Mantis Tiller is better by design. The specially engineered tine geometry maximizes digging power while breaking clumps and creating the ideal fluffy loam to maximize plant growth and nutrient uptake. Placing the engine directly over the tines delivers maximum rototilling and digging efficiency. In combination with an innovative gear design, it is the secret to generating more power with less weight. No other small garden tiller is as lightweight and powerful as the Mantis Tiller.

Comfort While You Work

Mantis tillers make digging and weeding more enjoyable. Ergonomic handle grips are designed for comfort. Throttle control is flush-mounted; speed is easy to control. An integrated carry handle makes lifting easy. We designed our tillers with an eye toward comfort and performance in equal measure.

Mantis garden tiller sure grip handles

Unmatched Versatility

The compact tiller design lets you work in practically any size space, including close to fences and walls, without compromising performance. Our full suite of lawn and garden attachments turn your Mantis tiller into a multi-purpose outdoor work-saver. Conquer practically any gardening or landscaping task with ease. Mantis has the right attachment for the job:

Lawn Dethatcher Attachment

Planter/Furrower attachment
Special tines dig narrow trenches for hilling soil or tilling in narrow spaces.

Plow attachment
Plow blade forms wide furrows in tilled soil much faster than using hand tools.

Lawn Dethatcher attachment
Removes weeds, crab grass and thatch. Steel picks dethatch a 15″ swath with one pass.

Lawn Aerator attachment
Let the lawn breathe! Tines slice turf to let air and water into the soil.

Border Edger attachment
Creates sharp and clean edges around your beds, borders and walkway.

Crevice cleaner attachment
Steel bristles remove dirt and debris from between pavers and other hard-to-reach places.

Get Gardening and Outdoor Jobs Done Faster:

Mantis tillers for any size garden

Dig vegetable, flower, raised-bed and urban gardens of any size

Mantis tillers for raised beds

Dig holes to plant trees and shrubs

Mantis rototiller and cultivator

Power-weed and maintaining existing vegetable and flower beds

Mantis rototillers attachments for yard and garden care

Maintain edges, aerate the lawn, and more – year-round!

Discover What Over Millions of Gardeners Already Know

Mantis tillers turn hard and compacted areas of barren space into beds of luscious greenhouse-quality soil quickly and easily. They deliver the power to grow the garden of your dreams! Successful gardens start with great soil; great soil starts with Mantis.

Explore what else you can do with a Mantis Tiller:

Mantis empowers you to turn hard, compacted areas of useless dirt into beds of luscious greenhouse quality soil quickly and easily. Mantis provides you the power to grow the plants, flowers and vegetables you’ve always longed for. Grow the garden of your dreams this season. Successful gardens start with great soil… and great soil starts with Mantis.

You can do this. We guarantee it.

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