Mantis Tiller Maintenance Tips & How-To Instructions

We’ve compiled these helpful Mantis Tiller maintenance tips and how-to instructions to help keep your Mantis Tiller running at peak performance. If you require additional service or assistance, please contact us.

Mantis Tiller Parts

Tiller Assembly VideosStarting and Operating Tips for Tiller OwnersTiller Maintenance How-To'sTiller Troubleshooting/FAQ
Assembly how-to Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller
Assembly how-to Mantis 4-Cycle Tiller
Assembly how-to Mantis Deluxe XP Tiller
Assembly how-to Mantis Electric Tiller
Assembly how-to Mantis Electric Tiller 3550
Assembly how-to Mantis 58V Cordless Tiller 3558
Setting the Tiller Tines for Tilling or Cultivating
Remove and replace tines Mantis Deluxe XP Tiller
Starting Your Mantis Tiller 2-Cycle
Starting Your Mantis Tiller 4-Cycle
Starting, fueling Mantis Deluxe 2-Cycle or 2-Cycle Plus Tiller
Starting, fueling Mantis Deluxe 4-Cycle Tiller
Starting, fueling, operating Mantis Deluxe XP or XP Extra-Wide Tiller
Extension Cord Size for Mantis Electric Tiller
Mantis tiller maintenance tips
Maintainenance tips Mantis Deluxe 2-Cycle Tiller
Maintainenance tips Mantis Deluxe 4-Cycle Tiller
Maintainenance tips Mantis Deluxe XP Tiller
Ethanol and your Tiller Engine
How to locate the SV number of your 2-cycle tiller engine
How to locate the GX number of your Honda® 4-cycle engine
How to check or replace the air filter 2-Cycle Tillers
How to check or replace the fuel strainer (2-cycle tiller)
How to check or replace the spark plug (2-cycle tiller)
How to check the grease level of your tiller transmission (all tiller models)
Carburetor information (2-cycle tiller)
Cylinder exhaust port and cooling system information (2-cycle tiller)
Muffler screen and spark arrestor information (2-cycle tiller)
Transporting and storing Mantis Deluxe XP Tiller
Why should I walk backwards when using the Mantis Tiller?
Should I replace the air filter on my Mantis Gas Tiller?
How do I get replacement tilling/cultivating tines?
How do I maintain my tines?
How often should I replace my fuel filter?
Can I use any lithium grease in my transmission?
My rope pulls out with no resistance, why won’t it turn the engine?
Why won’t my tines turn when the engine revs up?
Why is my 2-cycle engine getting really hot?
Why is my engine bogging down when I give it full throttle?
How often do I change my air filter?
Why don’t I see a spark on my spark plug when I test it, I think my coil is bad?
Why won’t my tiller start it has been stored away for a few months?
The 58V Cordless Tiller is rated at 650 Watts; how do you get 650 watts out of a 2.5 amp 58 volt motor?
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