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Mantis Tiller Tips

We’ve compiled these helpful Mantis Tiller tips and frequently asked questions, maintenance instructions, and how-to tips to help keep your Mantis Tiller running at peak performance.  If you require additional service or assistance, please use our contact form.

Mantis gas tiller maintenance schedule

Part Maintenance Frequency
Air Filter Clean Every 4 hours of use
Air Filter Replace Every 3 months or 90 hours of use
Fuel Drain End of season or >30 days storage
Fuel Strainer Inspect Monthly
Fuel Strainer Replace Yearly
Spark Plug Inspect Monthly
Spark Plug Replace Yearly
Carburetor Empty Fuel Every 25-30 days
Carburetor Rebuild Every 300 hours of use
Exhaust Port Inspect/Clean Before every use
Muffler Screen Inspect/Clean Yearly
Transmission Check Grease Level Yearly

Extension Cord Size for Mantis Electric Tiller 3550

Make sure the extension cords are in good condition before use. Based on the total length of cord that you are going to use, check the chart below to make sure the cord meets the correct minimum cord gauge (AWG) requirements. IMPORTANT NOTE: Using an undersized cord, a larger number cord gauge (AWG) than recommended in the chart, will cause a loss in power and overheating of the tiller. Using a smaller number cord gauge (AWG), than recommended in the chart, is acceptable.

Mantis 3550 Electric tiller extension cord gauge and size

How to locate the SV number of your 2-cycle tiller engine

When ordering parts for your Mantis 2-cycle tiller, you may need to locate the SV number of your engine. The SV number is located between the gas tank & the carburetor, behind the gas line, on a black and silver tab on the silver engine housing. It will consist of the letters “SV,” a number and another letter. Examples: SV4A, SV4B1E.

2-cycle tiller spark plug cross reference

Engine NGK Champion
Spark plug gap for all engines: .024 - .028

How to locate the GX number of your Honda® 4-cycle engine

When ordering parts for your Mantis Honda-powered 4-cycle tiller, you may need to locate the GX number of your engine. The GX number is located on top the engine above the pull start. It will consist of the letters “GX” and numbers. Example: GX25

How to check or replace the fuel strainer (2-cycle tiller)

The fuel strainer allows a steady flow of clean fuel to go to the carburetor by straining out any sediment that has entered the fuel tank. It is located inside the fuel tank and can be accessed by removing the fuel tank lid and pulling out the fuel line through the fill hole. The strainer should be changed whenever it is hard to the touch or creases to allow fuel to reach the carburetor. Stale fuel will shorten the life of the fuel strainer!

My starter rope pulls out with no resistance, why won’t it turn the engine?

There may be some dirt or debris in your pawl catcher assembly. Remove the 4 screws on the starter assembly and lift it off the tiller. Looking down on the tiller, on top of the flywheel, you will see a gold-colored dish with 2 black levers inside. The levers are called pawl catchers. Use a piece of 80-grit sandpaper and slide it under each pawl. Move the pawl back and forth 10-12 times. This will clean the debris out and smooth the pawls. Replace the starter assembly.

Can I use any lithium grease in my transmission?

No, you must use lithium 0 weight grease. Double-zero weight is too free-flowing and may not lubricate the gears properly.

How do I maintain my tines?

After each use, remove and clean the tines. Then spray both the tines and the tine shaft with WD-40 or some other light lubricant to protect them from rust. This will also prevent the tines from “freezing” onto the tine shaft.

What is the gas to oil ratio for Mantis 2-cycle engines?

Always make sure you use the proper 50:1 mixture ratio; that is 2.6 ounces of oil to 1 gallon of 89 octane or higher gasoline. If your engine is getting hot, you may not have enough oil in your gas mixture to properly lubricate the engine.

Why does my 2-cycle engine keep shutting off?

Check the fuel filter. It may be dirty. If so, replace it according to the instructions in the manual. The check valve may be out of position. The check valve is one of the two black tubes coming from the fuel tank; it has a white cap on the end of the tube. That tube needs to go into the hole on the side of red engine cover, located above carburetor.

Mantis 2-cycle tiller check valve position

Why won’t my 2-cycle tiller start after it has been stored away for a few months?

Drain out any old fuel that remains and dispose of it properly. Once the fuel tank is empty, push the primer bulb on your tiller 7 or 8 times to clear out any fuel in the carburetor. Empty the fuel tank again. Next, mix fresh fuel in the correct ratio and fill the fuel tank. Push the primer bulb 11 or 12 times to pull the fresh fuel through the carburetor and let the tiller sit for about thirty (30) minutes. Then press the primer bulb an additional 11 to 12 times to flush out any residue. You should now be able to start your tiller using the standard starting procedure. If the tiller was stored with even a small amount of fuel (older than 30 days) in the tank, it can clog the carburetor. You may have to clean the carburetor of old fuel or replace the gaskets and diaphragms.

Do not use carburetor cleaner. Doing so will void Echo engine manufacturer warranty.

The 58V Cordless Tiller is rated at 650 Watts; how do you get 650 watts out of a 2.5 amp 58 volt motor?

Under no load power, 58V x 2.5 Amps = 145 Watts. But under a heavy load, such as tilling/cultivating, the current may increase to 10-11 Amps, so the motor is rated 650 Watts in order to handle heavy loads.

How to check the grease level of your tiller transmission (all tiller models) NOTE: all Mantis gas tillers are sold with the transmission packed with the correct amount of grease.

Transmission: cover on (tines removed for safety)
Transmission: cover off; no grease
Transmission: correct amount of grease

Why is my engine bogging down when I give it full throttle?

Your air filter or your spark arrestor (muffler screen) may be clogged and not allowing the engine to breathe properly. This will cause it to act as if the choke is on and bog down under a load. Replace your air filter and check the muffler screen to make sure it is clean.

Mantis Tiller Videos

We’ve compiled these helpful Mantis Tiller maintenance and assembly videos to help keep your Mantis Tiller running at peak performance.  If you require additional service or assistance, please use our contact form.

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