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Mantis Composter Tips - Usage and Maintenance

We’ve compiled these helpful Mantis Composter frequently asked questions, maintenance tips, and how-to instructions to help you make an endless supply of compost for your garden and yard. If you require additional service or assistance, please use our contact form.

Why are you using galvanneal and not galvanized sheet metal?

Galvannealed sheet metal is coated with zinc on both sides using a continuous “hot dip” process. The zinc coating is harder than a regular galvanized coating and is more resistant to scratching and other damage. There is also an excellent bond formed between the paint and the surface of the coating since the paint can “mechanically lock” with the zinc-iron crystals on the surface, in addition to any chemical bonding. Compared to galvanize, galvanneal generally exhibits less undercutting corrosion beneath paint at exposed edges, scratches, or other breeches in the paint.

Where can I learn more about composting?

Compost is an efficient way to recycle yard and garden “wastes” into the perfect slow-release fertilizer for your vegetable garden, flower garden, and lawn. Visit our Compost Blog page for more information and public resources.

What type of maintenance do Mantis composters require?

Mantis compost tumblers require minimal maintenance. After emptying finished compost from the drum, rinse the inside thoroughly with a garden hose. Occasionally, check the breather screens in the doors to ensure they are not clogged. At the beginning of each season, on models with axle rods, lubricate the axle rod guides with a wheel bearing-type grease, and check all screws and bolts for tightness.

How long will my ComposTumbler last?

All ComposTumbler models have been designed to provide you with many years of compost. Our metal drums use a galvanneal process
to provide rust resistance but they are not rust proof. The frames are tubular steel for strength and support. Plastic parts are made of high-density polyethylene. As with any piece of outdoor equipment, periodic care helps to get the maximum value from your purchase.

Mantis Composter Videos

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