Plow & Planter/Furrower Attachment Combo Package

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Buy the Plow Attachment and the Planter/Furrow Attachment in this money-saving combo package. Save time AND money!

  • Plow Attachment creates uniform planting furrows in tilled soil, faster than by hand.
  • Steel plow blade banks soil for fatigue-free planting.
  • Mounts to the front or the rear of the tiller.
  • Can be used walking forward or backward.
  • Planter/Furrower Attachment special tines dig deep, 6″ wide furrows.
  • Perfect for tomato plants and corn, beans, potato eyes and asparagus roots, onion sets and flower bulbs.
  • Great for tilling in narrow areas.

Tiller is sold separately. (This attachment is not compatible with Mantis 3550 and 3558 tiller models.)

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