Lawn Dethatcher Attachment (XP Tiller Models)



Is your lawn full of weeds and crabgrass? Then you need this attachment! It quickly removes weeds and the tan-looking built-up “thatch” that prevents air, water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots.

  • 60 spring-steel picks dethatch a 15″ swath with a single pass.
  • Installs in just a few minutes.

Thatch harbors insects, creates a water barrier, and prevents new grass from growing. Dethatch your lawn regularly in spring and fall, especially before feeding and fertilizing. Lawn care attachments are not recommended for surface-rooted grasses (Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, and St. Augustine) because it can damage the root system.  Tiller is sold separately. (This attachment is only compatible with Mantis XP tiller models.)

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