Compact ComposTumbler

Model CT02001

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Makes compost quickly; in as little as a few weeks!* The tried and true Compact ComposTumbler has been a mainstay in medium size gardens for decades. This compact compost tumbler features the same performance attributes of larger Mantis composters but in a smaller footprint.

  • Holds up to 4 bushels
  • 30” H x 31” x 26”D
  • 7” off the ground

  • Holds over 9.5 bushels
  • 43”H x 42”W x 33”D
  • 12” off the ground

  • Finished Compost in as Little as a Few Weeks

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Compact ComposTumbler

Makes compost in as little as a few weeks!*

The Compact ComposTumbler delivers quick results and superior performance. Gardeners have been relying on its unmatched compost-making capabilities for decades. Compact size is engineered to build and maintain a hot heat core. Makes compost fast.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

Strong, powder-coated galvannealed steel wall construction

The rust resistant ComposTumbler design ensures years of dependable use, creating batch after batch of perfect compost.

Additional Features

Convenient, gear-driven, easy-to-spin handle

Rotating the compost doesn’t get any easier – just grab the handle and turn, even when fully loaded.

Aeration/drainage units on the door

Creating proper balance of heat, oxygen and moisture. Also makes it easy to collect drips for “compost tea”.

Removable door

Door removes for easy loading and unloading of compost materials

Holds up to 9.5 bushels of material

The perfect size composter for medium-sized garden spaces.

Interior mixing fins

You can be sure that your compost is thoroughly mixed. Just turn the composter and let the mixing fins do the work. No compostables will stick to the inside of the composting drum, creating faster decomposition.



Drum Capacity

12 cu. ft. Holds over 9.5 bushels (88 gallons). Up to three 30-gallon trash bags of material.


43″ H x 42″ W x 33″ D

Drum Height

12″ off the ground

Drum Materials

Non-toxic powder-coated galvannealed steel, rust-resistant. BPA-free, food grade plastic end caps.


Tubular steel with black powder-coated finish


Aerator/Drainage unit on the door

Air Circulation

Screened vents in the end caps


Gear-driven handle on frame


Sage Green

Time to Finish Compost

Finished compost in 4 to 6 weeks* | * Compost times depend on ambient temperature and combination of materials being composted.


2 years

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