Our Unique Compost Tumbler Design

Mantis Composters – Engineered to make Compost… Fast

Composting is a science. And composters are more than big waste containers. If you want to make compost successfully, and make it quickly, you have to do some homework first. Mantis did.

A Better Designed Compost Tumbler

A Compost Tumbler Engineered To Make Compost… FAST

The dimensions of Mantis compost tumblers are engineered for maximum efficiency in building a hot heat core, which is critical for fast decomposition of compostable materials. If the size of the bin is not right, chances are your compost will not be right either. Every Mantis composter is sized in proper proportion to its volume capacity for fast composting.

As the drums of these precision compost tumblers are turned, the materials inside the composter mix and the heat core is stabilized so materials continue to decompose. Mantis Composters are also designed to ensure proper airflow and moisture levels – this is also critical in the science of composting.

Air vents on both sides of our ComposTumblers permit uninhibited airflow during the composting process.

Extra moisture is released through the drainage units on the door to keep the compost from getting soggy.

Collecting kitchen scraps, garden refuse and fallen leaves is a chore, but it’s not complicated. Engineering a composting system that works, and works quickly is complicated. No worries. Mantis has done that part for you.

Composting Made Fast, Clean & Easy

Gardeners continue to choose Mantis over other composters for these features:

  • Fast Composting Process – Simply keep adding your compostable kitchen toss-outs and yard waste; give it a couple of turns each day and in just a few weeks you’ll have an endless supply of organic compost.
  • Easy to Turn, Load and Unload – Perfectly balanced to turn easily, even when fully loaded. Turn without using a pitchfork. Doors open to easily remove finished compost. Spend less time making your own organic fertilizer.
  • Clean and Neat Operation – The compost tumbler contents are fully enclosed to keep out rodents, pests and other wildlife. No messy, ugly piles, or unpleasant odors.
  • Quality and Durability – Every Mantis Composter is sturdy and constructed of high quality materials. Even after years of use, you can depend on your Mantis Composter to deliver quick, reliable batches of compost.

Why Mantis Composters Outperform Other Composting Methods

Other composting methods do work, just not nearly as easy as composting with Mantis. We’ve all had experiences with at least one of these types of composters:


Backyard Composting

Open compost piles are pretty easy to manage except when you get a heavy rain or a dry spell. Each growing season, one or the other is going to happen and your opportunity for rich, properly moist compost is gone.


Compost Bins

These receptacles can very quickly attract rodents and pests. On top of that, turning your compost isn’t an easy or clean chore. You’ll need extra tools like a pitchfork or shovel and many times your best nutrients are sinking beneath your compost bin.


Plastic Compost Bins

Aesthetically, a plastic compost bin is better than a pile or homemade bin. The biggest “pain” is turning your compost, which is essential in getting the best yield. This can become back-breaking work and take the joy out of creating your own compost.


Barrel Composters

Long, barrel composters keep your compost contained, but make it a challenge to keep the proper air & moisture levels – creating wet, slimy, heavy materials instead of nutrient rich, crumbly compost. Also, turning an unbalanced barrel composter is not easy.

Which Mantis Composter Is Right For You?

Mantis Composters have been an integral part of gardens around the world for over 40 years. Our first composter, the ComposT-Twin, set the stage for millions of gardeners to easily create their own ‘brown gold’ fertilizer at home in just a few weeks. Mantis became synonymous with backyard and urban composting for gardens of all sizes with our line of small and large tumbling composter models.

There’s a Mantis composter for every yard and garden – rural, suburban and urban. All Mantis composters feature the same sturdy, user-friendly design. Try a Mantis Composter today!