No One Has to Put a Garden in the Corner – Break the Gardening Rules!

Edible Front Yard

When thinking of a location for your garden do you usually think backyard or side of the house?  What if your front yard gets more sunlight? Here’s a crazy idea – create an edible front yard garden! It breaks the traditional norm to have a vegetable garden in the front but you can really have it all – functionality and beauty.  Remember, you still want and can have curb appeal by growing fresh veggies and fruits in the front yard garden, so do a little extra planning and be sure to keep your garden tidy. Note:  before you start digging with your tiller, you should check your township or/and HOA rules (we are not advocating breaking actual rules here).

Planning & Selecting What to Plant

Planning is the most important part of the process – we have to stress planning over and over again! Yes of course, in every garden planning is the most important step but it’s even more vital for front yard gardens because here looks really do matter.  You also need to decide how big you want to go! If you’re a new gardener, start off small like the picture below. If you’re an avid gardener with a rebellious streak and a huge front lawn; you can make your entire front yard a vegetable garden.

edible front yard garden

Small edible front yard garden

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It’s really important to plant veggies or fruits that can look good throughout the season so know what you’re planning to grow during each season. Edible front yards are being watched by both passersby and neighbors, so you really want to showcase this area and perhaps demonstrate your gardening talents. Don’t think you have to go all vegetables and fruits either, spice it up by mixing in flowers.

Veggies for your front yard

Plant vegetables in the front yard

Leafy vegetables that are hearty are a great option for the front because they last during cold weather. Also, you want to plant vegetables that provide a benefit to each other when they are grown close together, better known as companion gardening, which will really allow you to maximize your space.

Your Soil is the Heart of Your Garden

A garden is only as good as its soil! It doesn’t matter where you grow your garden, having nutritious soil is key. Spring is the perfect time to get your garden soil ready. There are many ways to prep your soil, but as Pam from Brown Thumb discusses, using your Mantis Tiller is probably the easiest and quickest way. A small tiller will allow you to really maneuver in tight spaces, which is perfect for a front yard!

before and after with mantis tiller

Till up the soil before planting

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Breaking the Rules In Gardening Can Be Fun!

Front yard gardens are really no different than backyard gardens; it just means a little bit more planning and upkeep. Have fun with it and allow your gardening skills to be showcased! Who knows, you may inspire others to garden or you could end up building relationships with your neighbors by literally sharing the fruits of your labor (ha ha!).


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