Mantis Story

Mantis Tiller Story – How It All Began

Over 40 years ago, Mantis introduced an innovative product that would revolutionize gardening around the world – the Mantis Tiller/Cultivator. Before that time, garden tillers were big, bulky, heavy pieces of equipment and tilling was not easy to do. Once it was demonstrated just how powerful and versatile this new Mantis Tiller was, even the most skeptical gardeners were won over. What competitors dismissed as a “toy” was nothing less than a lightweight, powerful, digging dynamo. The Mantis Tiller made tilling and cultivating accessible to millions of people who were unwilling or unable to tangle with old, behemoth rototillers and in the process millions of healthy gardens sprouted from acres of unused ground, stubborn sod and dense clay.

Mantis Disrupted The Rototiller Market

The Mantis Tiller was then and is now compact, yet incredibly tough. Designed to take the hard, but necessary digging labor out of gardening. The Mantis tiller is light enough to lift with one hand, transports easily, and can be stored almost anywhere. And it’s no one-trick-pony either – the Mantis does more than just till; it also handles weeding, edging, hole-digging and a whole lot more – with ease.

With the pride of origination comes a dedication to staying on the cutting edge of tiller innovation. New Mantis tiller models and value-added features have included:

  • FastStart technology that makes the 2-Cycle Plus model 75% easier to start
  • Mantis® XP Extra-Wide 4-Cycle Tiller/Cultivator – powered by Honda® featuring the widest tilling swath (16”) we have to offer. The easy-to-use alternative to bulky, front tine tillers.
  • Sure-Grip handles on most models. These grips are soft on the hands and were ergonomically engineered to assure minimum fatigue on your wrists while you work. Competitive brands don’t sweat the details like that
  • Innovative hideaway kickstand allows the tiller to stand at-rest, but easily stows out-of-the-way when digging deep or power-weeding.

There are bigger companies that make small tillers as just one of dozens of other products they manufacture. But at Mantis, crafting tillers for a lifetime of service is what we do. That’s why it’s the world’s best-selling small tiller. Go ahead. Expect Big Things. We’ll deliver.

Built In Pennsylvania

Mantis tillers are proudly assembled in Pennsylvania with components manufactured both in the United States and abroad.