Shipping Details


Standard shipping rates listed below are based on shipments to US 48 states only. If your delivery address is outside the US 48 states, it is best to order by phone so we can give you all the available shipping options. Online orders placed for delivery outside the US 48 states do not quote shipping rates; you will be contacted by customer service.

Mantis Tillers:

Standard Shipping to US 48 States on Mantis Tillers as follows:

NEW Gas Tillers (7000 series) $29.95
NEW Battery-Powered/Electric Tillers (3000 series) $24.95

Mantis Composters:

Standard Shipping to US 48 States on Mantis Composters as follows:

All Composters $44.95

Refurbished products, Attachments, Accessories, Parts and All Other Products; see merchandise totals below (excluding tax if applicable):

Note: Any product purchased along with a tiller or composter is subject to merchandise totals below.
Standard Shipping to US 48 States as follows:

$0 – 49.99 $5.95
$50.00 – $399.99 $9.95
$400.00 or more $14.95