Mantis Composter Tips & How-To Instructions

We’ve compiled these helpful Mantis Composter tips for making compost, frequently asked questions, maintenance tips and how-to instructions to help you make an endless supply of compost for your garden and yard. If you require additional service or assistance, please contact us.

Composter Assembly VideosUsing Your Mantis ComposterComposter Maintenance TipsComposter Troubleshooting/FAQ
How do I assemble my Mantis® Back Porch ComposTumbler®?
How do I assemble my Mantis® Compact ComposTumbler®?
How do I assemble my Mantis® ComposT-Twin Composer?
How do I assemble my Mantis® Easy Spin ComposTumbler®?
How do I assemble my Mantis® Original ComposTumbler®?
What should I do with materials when my drum is full or not in use?
Can I compost in Winter?
Is an activator required?
How often do I turn my compost?
Can I add all of my grass clippings to the compost chamber?
Will the composter work if you only put grass in it?
Can I order replacement parts Mantis composters?

What type of maintenance does the ComposT-Twin require?
Can I cover my ComposT-Twin during the winter?
Is there a cover available for my ComposTumbler?
Which Mantis ComposTumbler is right for me?
How long will my ComposTumbler last?
Why are you using galvanneal and not galvanized sheet metal?
Why does the Back Porch model take 4-6 weeks?
How is the ComposT-Twin shipped?
What is the overall size of the Mantis ComposT-Twin?
How much material does the Mantis ComposT-Twin hold?
What is the advantage of two composting chambers for the ComposT-Twin?
Why should I make compost?
What is the best temperature for composting?

Can I use finished compost all year long?
Is it OK to have pests in your compost pile?
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