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ComposT-Twin, Original – middle of frame upper support
Back Porch, Compact, Easy Spin – middle of handle

Model No.Produced FromManual Part No.Multi-language
CT08001Back Porch ComposTumbler Assembly GuideCT03519-00X
CT08002Back Porch ComposTumbler Assembly Guide430188X
CT08003Back Porch ComposTumbler Assembly Guide (hinged door model)430239
CT02001Compact ComposTumbler Assembly Guide430187X
4000ComposT-Twin 12/03 To Present200710
200107 ComposT-Twin 9/00 To Present Sifter Screen attachment200703
ComposTumbler Use Manual & Composting GuideCT01993-00X
CT03001 ComposTumbler2 Assembly ManualCT02072-03
CT09001 Easy Spin ComposTumbler Assembly GuideCT03535-01
CT01001Original ComposTumbler Assembly GuideCT02072-00X
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