Garden and Yard Care Tips For Spring

Useful Gardening and Yard Care Tips for Spring

Yard Care Tips for Spring

Some tips and hints to help with your seasonal garden and yard care.

1. Begin to remove mulch from beds as plants show signs of new growth. But don’t be too hasty to remove it too quickly; better to remove mulch later rather than too early. Mulch protects plants from chilling winds.

Start composting so you’ll have plenty to fresh compost add to new beds and containers.

Take notice of poor drainage areas around your property. Consider building a rain garden that incorporates plants that enjoy periodic wet feet.

Cool spring weather is perfect for growing vegetables such as peas, radishes, lettuce and potatoes.
Peas growing on vine 400 x 225

If your lawn has suffered damage, consider aerating for dethatching, depending on the type of grass you have. If you own a Mantis Tiller, use the Aerator or Dethatcher Attachment to get the job done fast.

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