Gardening Benefits

Gardening Benefits Your Wallet and Your Health

Grow What You’ll Eat. The USDA estimates that every $100 spent on vegetable gardening can yield $1,000 to $1,700 worth of produce.
growing your own vegetables saves money


Tomatoes: A packet (30 seeds) of Big Beef Hybrid tomato seeds costs $3.45. If you start 6 seeds, and plant the 5 healthiest seedlings, the cost is 70 cents to produce 5 plants. Or, you could buy plants at a nursery for about $5.00.

  • Yield = about 80 fruits per plant
  • Weight = about 12 oz. each
  • Total Produce = 300 pounds of tomatoes
  • Average summer price of fresh tomatoes = $1.50 per pound.
  • Value = $450.00!

Pole Beans: The cost for a 2 oz. packet of Blue Lake pole beans is $1.95. You can plant a 20 foot row with one packet.

  • Yield = approximately 20 pounds of beans.
  • Average summer price of green beans = $2.25 per pound
  • Value = $45.00

Go Vertical: You’ll get maximum production from whatever area you dedicate to gardening if you go vertical. Indeterminate tomato plants will easily grow to heights of 5 to 6 feet if properly caged or staked.

Greens with Nutrition: Spinach and Swiss Chard are easy to grow, highly nutritious, and very versatile in your meal planning. They’ll produce a lot of value for the space allocated.

Great Soil: All gardening starts with the soil. The best way to maximize your gardens productivity is by creating and maintaining great soil. The best way is by adding compost. If you’re not already composting, this is the year to start. Of course, the Mantis Tiller is ideal for mixing compost into your garden soil. Great gardens begin with great soil. And great soil begins with the Mantis Tiller.

Gifts from the Garden: Use some of your harvest as gifts.

  • Basket of fresh vegetables
  • Vase of flowers
  • Baked or cooked items from home-grown fruits & vegetables

Garden for the health of it!

Garden for the Health of It!

Looking for a great way to better your health and get physical exercise on top of that? It is as easy as walking into your own backyard. Break out those lawn and garden tools and get to work! Gardening can be a great way of getting physical exercise, and not to mention an excellent source of relieving stress. Why not benefit from something you actually enjoy doing!

Gardening for just 30 minutes a day is an excellent form of physical exercise which uses all of the body’s main muscles. Something as simple as planting your seedlings, you are working your arms, shoulders, back, and stomach. While cutting your lawn with a push mower, you are using the muscles mentioned above, but also your legs too! Along with building and strengthening your muscles, many of your daily and/or weekly gardening activities can give you an aerobic workout to help burn calories.

For example:

  • Watering the plants 60 calories/30 minutes
  • Mowing with a push mower 243 calories/30 minutes
  • Planting seeds 170 calories/30 minutes
  • Using your Mantis Tiller 200 calories/30 minutes

The results are astounding! With all the physical and aerobic activity involved with gardening, you are improving your life by helping to prevent many serious health conditions.

To name just a few:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart disease

Your mental well-being can also benefit from gardening. Put behind the hustle and bustle of the busy work week to stop and smell the roses! Not only are the scents in your garden soothing and uplifting, but gardening helps take your mind off everyday stress and tension. Gardening gives you a place and time for that much needed box of vegetables for health

Keep in mind that with any type of exercise, you want to be sure to stretch out beforehand. The same holds true with gardening. Stretch your arms, legs and back before heading out into the yard. You may also want to vary your gardening chores from day to day. This will ensure that every section of your garden and body gets attention.

So get out there and play in the dirt! Garden for the health of it.



  1. I own 2 mantis, one gas, one electric. Wouldnt change them for the world. I live in a rural area with very rocky soil, but the Manti! Have no problem dealing with it. Thank you for a wonderful product.
    Dave brooks

  2. Our family rents a tiller every year to till our very clayish soil. We have added compost year after year, but the improvements are slow. This year we rented a Mantis for the first time and we loved it. It was light weight and we could actually control it in the garden,and we did not end up with back pain for the first time. It is a nice machine!

  3. Had my Mantis gas tiller for over 10 years and it still runs like the day I unpacked it. I also got the dethatcher, edging and other attachments so I have one machine for multiple jobs. Best investment I ever made. Keep up the good work.

    • That’s awesome Stanley! Thank you so much for your kinds words. Thank you so much for being a loyal Mantis customer.

  4. I like that you talk about how gardening can help you get exercise and relieve stress. This could be useful to relax and be able to focus on your projects. In order to do your gardening and relax, you’d probably want to make sure you have the proper tools for the type of work you’re doing so that you won’t have to stress about it and cause worse problems for yourself.

  5. I like that you talked about how gardening for a half an hour every day helps you build and strengthen muscles. My mom wants to be more active, but she doesn’t have any gardening equipment. If she rented some tools, she could work on her garden and be more physically active.

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