Garden and Yard Care Tips For Fall

There are great things you can do in the fall for your lawn and garden. Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. It’s the right time to plant spring-flowering bulbs, aerate and overseed the lawn and more. These fall gardening and lawn care tips will keep you growing and give your yard a beautiful head start on next season.

Fall Gardening and Yard Care Tips & Ideas

1. Aerate and dethatch the lawn now to improve its ability to absorb water, air and nutrients. Lawn aeration reduces water runoff, improves root growth, and enhances its ability to endure heat and drought stress. Thatch build up chokes the lawn; it hinders water penetration and weakens the lawn. Dethatching the lawn allows new grass shoots to grow, and improves the root system.

Fall Gardening and Yard Care

2. Compost leaves, grass clippings, and spent vegetable and flowers now to make brown gold for your lawn, flower beds, and garden.

3. Plant cool season vegetables such as lettuce, radish and carrots now for Fall harvest. See our tips for planting a Fall Garden.

4. Divide daylilies after they have finished blooming. Or plant more daylilies now to attract lots of bees and butterflies next summer. Divide and transplant early-blooming perennials.
Daylilies attract butterflies

5. Take notes and pictures of your garden now, to plan for future plantings.

6. Add ornamental kale to borders and pots for color and interest in the fall garden. Add some pansies for color; they thrive in cool weather.

Ornamental kale in a Fall Garden

7. Fall is the perfect time to plant new shrubs. The combination of warm soil and cool air encourages root growth. This helps newly planted shrubs and trees get established before the ground freezes.
American Witch Hazel blooms twice a year

8. Plant spring-flowering bulbs before 1st frost in your area. Tuck bulbs among existing perennials, or create a bulb garden to enjoy a riot of color in spring! And see our helpful planting chart:

Planting bulbs guide

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