Create a Garden

How to create a garden with the Mantis Tiller

With the Mantis Tiller, you will discover just how easy, and fulfilling it is to create your very own vegetable or flower garden that you and your family can enjoy year after year!

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stake out the garden

Step 1

Pick an area and stake it out. Use the optional Border Edger Attachment to cut the sod.

remove sod

Step 2

Remove the top layer of sod.

till the soil

Step 3

Till the soil using the Mantis Tiller. Tills down up to 10″ deep.

mix in fertilizer

Step 4

Mix in the proper mix of fertilizer or manure.

plant vegetables

Step 5

Plant vegetables in row.

weed and cultivate between rows

Step 6

Weed between the rows during the season with the Mantis Tiller. Tines switch easily from tilling to shallow cultivating.

enjoy the garden

Step 7

Stand back and enjoy the results.

till under garden leftovers

Step 8

In the fall, you can till in spent vegetables with the Mantis Tiller.



  1. What is the H.P. on the “Three Speed Electric Tiller”? Tilling width and depth?
    How does performance and price compare with the equivalent gas powered Tiller?

    I believe you are somewhere in Southampton, can the units be viewed or seen
    performing? What is the exact address?
    Thank you.

    • Hi! The Electric Tiller is equivalent in power to the 2-Cycle Tiller. The tilling width is 9″ inches and the tilling depth is 8″ to 10″ inches. The Mantis Electric Tiller is currently being offered for $349 with 5 year handle-to-tine coverage warranty. Your tines are guaranteed for life against breakage. We no longer having a viewing store, we do have stores in the area where you can view the tiller. Please call our Customer Service Department for local dealers in your area.

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