Why Mantis Tillers?

Mantis tiller 7940 4-cycle by Schiller Grounds Care

Durable Tillers

We were the first and we are the finest. The Mantis Mini Tiller design has been replicated by virtually every other small tiller on the market. None have matched our quality, performance, ease of use, or commitment to innovation. Constructed of durable materials, our tillers exemplify strength, longevity and quality.

We test our mini tillers in a specially designed chamber filled with a mixture of rocks, sand, topsoil and hardwood mulch. We run them hour after hour, day after day for 100 hours straight! No other manufacturer is as committed to the long-lasting durability and dependability of your tiller. Why Mantis tillers? Mantis tillers are durable tillers designed to last.

Mantis durable tiller testing

Mini Tiller Design

The Mantis Tiller digs better by design. The specially-engineered tine geometry maximizes digging power while breaking dirt clumps. The placement of the engine directly over the tines is ideal for maximum rototilling performance and with an innovative gear design, it is the secret to generating more power with less weight. No other small garden tiller is as lightweight and powerful as the Mantis Tiller.

Versatile Tiller

Compact design. Lightweight. And expandable into a multi-purpose yard tool with a suite of convenient attachments. Conquer practically any gardening or landscaping task with ease. Mantis has the right attachment for the job. Edging, dethatching, aerating, crevice cleaning, and garden row plowing and furrowing. Find more information on the Mantis tiller attachment page.

Mantis tiller attachment - crevice cleaner
Mantis tiller attachment - edger
Mantis tiller attachment - aerator
Mantis tiller attachment - furrower
Mantis tiller attachment - dethatcher