Mantis – Expect Big Things


The mini-tiller that digs gardens and much more.

Tiller Cultivator Aerator Edger Dethatcher Plow

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Mantis Composters

Mantis Composters are designed to make compost faster. Fully enclosed. Easy to load and unload. Durable. Composting made easy.

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Mantis Tillers Attachments

Mantis Tillers are versatile with attachments for lawn care and garden projects.

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Mantis 58V Cordless & Electric Tiller/Cultivators

Unlike any gas-free tillers you have ever seen.

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Mantis Tillers are lightweight, durable, easy-to-use. Dig, cultivate, weed and more much faster than using hand tools. Money-back guarantee. Worry-free warranties. Digs better by design.

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Mantis Composter Advantages

Mantis Composters are engineered for fast composting. These compost tumblers are neat, efficient and turn easily. Used in urban and suburban gardens worldwide. Backed by a 60-Day money-back guarantee and a 2-Year warranty. Mantis makes composting easy.

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Mantis Tiller/Cultivators - The Original Small Tiller

The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator has been making dream flower and vegetable gardens a reality for 40 years. Unlike bulky big tillers, Mantis tillers are compact yet incredibly powerful. They’re light enough to lift into raised bed gardens, but tough enough to break through hard clay and sod. Available in a variety of power options. Optional tiller attachments transform the Mantis tiller in a lawn aerator or dethatcher and much more. It’s the tool that’s not defined by its size, but by what it can do. Mantis tillers. #DigsBetterByDesign.

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