Mantis 7920 tiller by Schiller Grounds Care


Mantis gas tiller models - expand into versatile lawn tools!


Mantis ComposTumblers offer a size that fits your space. Explore the Mantis compost tumbling bins!

Why Mantis Tillers?

Mantis tiller/cultivators dig better by design. Mantis has a long-established history of simplifying the toughest gardening and landscaping tasks. Our customers have relied on Mantis tillers to help them grow great gardens and keep their lawns and backyards looking their best since 1980. Learn more.

Mantis tillers dig better by design
Mantis Composters

Why Mantis ComposTumblers?

Mantis Compost Tumblers are neat, efficient and turn easily. See the range of sizes to fit any garden. Learn more.

Mantis tiller attachments to expand your tiller into a lawn and garden tool

Why Mantis Tiller Attachments?

Multi-task with the full line of Mantis Tiller attachments for lawn care and gardening. Learn more.

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