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Mantis Tiller Testimonials

We want to share with you these unsolicited testimonials from our customers! All of the testimonials on this web site are unsolicited, and are used with the customer's written approval.

Plant trees and more with the Mantis Tiller

I dug a trench and planted 17 arborvitaes in no time at all……then I dug a 34 inch wide by 20 inch deep hole to plant my Plum tree, and the Mantis did all the work…all I did was clear the dirt after it dug it up….it’s great because it’s small so you can hold and still turn it to where you want to dig….what a great machine!

Nothing Stops a Mantis!
Nothing Stops a Mantis!

Dennis Q. – PA

Nothing Stops a Mantis!

I'll try not to bore you with the details, but the water line to my shop failed years ago, and recently I wanted to use it again and repair the leak in my yard. Much to my dismay when I turned it on, it had sprung a leak right at the house. I baptized the Mantis on Saturday. After digging the first hole at the house, I remembered I had sleeved the water pipeTiller to ten feet from the house. A second hole had to be dug. In the past I would have been beat after the first hole in this hard, rocky, Maryland clay. Not this time - the Mantis made peat moss of the clay. … The bottom line is, I removed the damaged pipe, replaced it, turned the water on and back filled the first hole, and I didn't get started till lunchtime. I was tired by the end of day but I couldn't believe how much I got done. The Mantis made child's play of the hardest part of the job. The picture shows the Mantis, thirty inches down, you can see the sleeve at the bottom of the hole. What a machine!!

I've been fed lines by manufacturers in the past about how their tool or machine would do, but the Mantis is everything you say it is and more. … The only thing little about the Mantis is its size and weight. I regret not having one years ago. It is incredible how hard it works without working the operator. The Mantis is unbelievable - if I'd had one years ago I wouldn't be burned out at 62. My compliments on a super designed rugged machine."
Chris B. – Maryland

Nothing Stops a Mantis!
Nothing Stops a Mantis!
Nothing Stops a Mantis!
Nothing Stops a Mantis!
Nothing Stops a Mantis!
Nothing Stops a Mantis!
Nothing Stops a Mantis!
Nothing Stops a Mantis!

C. Nowak – North Carolina

Nothing Stops a Mantis!
Nothing Stops a Mantis!

I recently moved into a house which is on a septic tank system. The ground is mostly clay and the lot has poor drainage. The septic system was revamped about 10 years ago and the leach field was built into a 200 ft X 25 ft earthen berm. The berm was planted with native grasses etc and left to grow as a natural habitat for the local critters. When I moved in, the berm was pretty much taken over by bull thistle, Canadian thistle and Johnson grass. I wanted to start over and plant some creeping red fescue and wildflowers. I scalped the mound with a mower and weed eater then killed what remained with roundup. I considered renting a tiller to loosen up the seed bed before planting.

I quickly realized that this would be a mutiple day project so I decied to just buy a small tiller. I did not want a large tiller that would occupy too much floor space when not in use and a large tiller would not be able to work the flower beds and raised vegetable beds. I had seen the Mantis in commercials and for sale at the local mower shops. I was impressed with the design and it seemed to be the ideal choice for my purposes. I bought the 2-cycle original model direct from Mantis. I'm an experienced mechanic and confident that I would have no problems using and maintaining the 2-cycle engine. I am aware that 2 stroke engines can be temperamental if not well maintained. They can also be frustrating to get started if you are not familiar with their operation.

Well, the little Mantis has performed beyond my best expectations. The 5,000 sq ft berm was challenging as it was compacted clay rife with roots and such. The Mantis chewed right through all but the very thick bull thistle roots ball. Those I sawed off below grade or dug up with a shovel. Bottom line is I am very happy with the Mantis It's definitely a workhorse and one of the best tool purchases I've ever made. Pretty much unstoppable IMO.

John Z. – Ohio

Will it handle rocks? How about clay soil?

No question... Using my second 2-cycle tiller, and it is still---in my estimation---one of the best tools of any type that I have ever owned, and I have many tools. Reliable, tough, easy to use, and remarkably capable, even in this north central Texas high-clay soil. I love it!
Peter Y. - Texas

I want to commend your company for creating such a good product. I bought a Mantis tiller around 15 years ago. I have used it to dig many yards of ditches for electrical wire and for water pipes. I use it to dig holes for planting small trees and plants. I garden year around growing vegetables winter and summer. The Mantis tiller has been a "work Horse" for these and other work projects. Over the years I have worn out at least two sets of tines with this tiller. Upon replacing the tines the tiller keeps going. I live in Georgia and my land is made up of very hard red clay, so with hours and hours of use the tines after years of use do finally wear down. The mantis has been up to every project I have tackled. I have recommended it to several friends and they have thanked me after they purchased and used the Mantis tiller. A few days ago my Mantis tiller failed to start. Over all the years I have has this tiller it has never failed to start. I noticed that I needed new tines again anyway, so I decided to order a new tiller. Today I received your notice that my new Mantis tiller was being shipped to me. I needed to do some work in my garden so I decided to try my old Mantis tiller one more time. It started on the second pull and actually was as powerful as ever. Now I will have two Mantis tillers. One somewhere around 15 years old (and in need of new tines), and one new. That is OK with me. I am sold on Mantis."
Wesley T - Georgia

Love Mantis! I finally had to give my old one a decent farewell after wearing it out over 12 years of digging in pure rock! But it went with pride (seems to have been a carburetor problem according to two folks who tried to bring it back to life). My garden, thanks to Mantis, is my pride and the pride of the neighborhood. Thank you for such a superb product. Trust me, I share your pride and am looking forward to at least another 12 years of "diggin' in the dirt"! Yes, "pride" a tad bit redundant but you get the point!"
Hal S. – GA

I just turned 60 last month, and I haven't been doing much gardening for the past few years as I suffer with a very bad back. I moved into this house 3 years ago, and have been putting off digging up an area approximately 12x15 in front of my house. It's all weeds & rocks and probably hadn't been touched in many, many years. It's a real eyesore.

After seeing your TV advertisement with the money back guarantee promise, and then checking out your website, I took a chance and ordered the Mantis, even though I thought this tool might be best suited for cultivating an existing vegetable garden. I was pleasantly surprised this weekend when the Mantis chewed up the roots and kicked back the stones & rocks and pulverized everything in it's wake!!!

What a magnificent little workhorse! It was easy to operate and fun to use. I absolutely love it, and now I'm thinking of more uses around my property. It greatly exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it!"
Pati D. – New York

No question... I have had my Mantis gas tiller for just about a year, now, and I used it as recently as this afternoon. I have to say that it is one of the best tools I have ever owned---and I do know the difference. My yard is entirely Texas gumbo---the thick, hard, clay substance in place of what luckier folks call 'dirt.' It is a hardworking and reliable tool that does a fine job of tilling up this stuff. Slower than it would be to till good loam, but it doesn't quit and it always gets the job done. I really don't think a larger tiller would be of any advantage to me, as this gets in everywhere and works. If you want to quote me, feel free to do so; I recommend it to everyone who will listen! Basically, a ten out of ten! Thanks for an incredible product at a very reasonable price."
Peter Y. – Texas

A BIG Thank You!! Thank you for making such a GREAT product. I was totally impressed with the way the Mantis tiller went through my hard clay ground. I have been wanting to put in a small garden in my back yard for sometime now,but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one of those big tillers. The Mantis tiller was the perfect answer for me. Thanks again for making such a GREAT product!!"
Roger M. – Ohio

I just received my Mantis tiller this week and used it for the first time yesterday. I must say that I am very impressed!! I've added good top soil, sand, lime, and fertilizer on top of cloddy hard clay. This little machine literally pulverized the stuff. I have never had a garden look like this before (just like the pictures in the magazines). Other attachments (aerator and dethatcher) are definitely going to be considered add-ons in the near-future. It cut through the grassy sod areas around the garden like a hot knife through butter. Never again am I going to own or borrow the neighbors big, heavy machine. The video and manual are very concise and clearly written. Keep up the good work! Thank you."
Kevin K. – Missouri

I am a resident of Missouri hill country (Ozarks). This is hard scrabble ground and a killer for garden machinery. I purchased a Mantis Tiller and worked this ground extensively; no other machine could take this punishment and keep working. Your Mantis Tiller is superior to all other brands I have tried in my seventy-five years of living."
Jesse B. – Missouri

My husband tilled up our garden plot yesterday and it was not a small job. Our plot is 50' x 22'. The Mantis tore through it like nothing and worked way better than the clunky tiller we rented before. My soil is great; it chopped up real fine, no big clumps like with the rented tiller. This was definitely the best investment decision I've made in a while."
Faye M. – Michigan

In this day and time it is very satisfying to do business with a manufacturer that covers all the bases; your 800 number, your tape, shipping on time and every one of the claims made in advertising are backed up with a quality product. I used my Mantis about 24 hours in some of the worst soil one could imagine, hard clay and rocks from 1-2" diameter to 6"… the mighty midget just threw them out. Your tape was excellent and your product shows a lot of research and development. I can see why you are able to give the guarantee that you do and remain in business. Congratulations to a company that makes a product that exceeds everything they claim."
E. J. S., Sr. – Arizona

We live in the Poconos where the ground is literally rock hard. Digging here is always an adventure so we were a little unsure if your tiller would be tough enough to do the job and be strong enough to take the punishment. We are happy to report we've had positive results and the Mantis has saved us hours of work."
Judy S. – Pennsylvania

Small size – BIG performance

Tiller A long-time Mantis customer stopped by our Southampton, PA store to share some home-grown tomatoes. He loves his Mantis Tiller because its so easy to use and its portable. Besides doing his own garden, he travels around doing gardens for other folks who can’t get out and do their own tilling. That’s truly sharing!

Malvin P. – Pennsylvania

My wife loves her Mantis Tiller. She’s had it for over 30 years and still won’t let me use it. I just put gas in it for her!
Bill P. – Pennsylvania

I honestly wore out the engine on my 15+ year old Mantis 2-stroke. What a lovely machine it has been. Bought it from Mantis HQ over the phone then. Never a problem that couldn't be easily rectified, and I can say now that I really put it through hell. Saw ads everywhere "on sale" and special deals. Called Mantis HQ again, and was offered a trade on my old one, PLUS, a kickstand and edger. Why buy a new engine? If there ever was a great American company to do business with, this one is the best. Personally, at my age, another 2-stroke will last for the rest of my gardening days. Thank you Mantis.
Ed Z. – New Jersey

I have only had my Mantis for a short time, you may be seeking more experienced owners. I would like to tell you about what I think about my Mantis. I saw an ad on TV and honestly thought it was too good to be true. I have never bought a product from a TV ad before and I wasn't going to buy yours. My wife pointed out your 1 year return policy and said I should try it. I figured since I had an existing garden (28x16), it would be OK just to turn it over and add compost once a year. When it arrived and I put it together (assembly was easy) I was sure I'd be sending it back. It was so small and light I wrote it off as a toy.

The next day I took it out to the garden. I was planning an 8' extension to the garden and was sure the Mantis would not tear up existing lawn very well. Was I ever wrong! It tore up an 8x16 plot in 20 minutes. It pulverized it! Later I added compost and tilled the whole garden. I was amazed at how well and how fast this machine did the job.

This is the best product I have ever bought. You will not be getting it back. I also bought the lawn dethacher and aerator. I will be using them for the first time this weekend and cannot wait. Great product! Thanks Mantis!"
Paul R. – Massachusetts

I recently purchased one of your Mantis tillers. At the time I read about it, I thought something that small and lightweight couldn't do a good job. I was totally wrong. I am very impressed with how well and fast it does the job. I have been unable to work in my vegetable garden for over 2 years due to a lower back injury. The Mantis tiller has allowed me to get back in my garden which I didn't think I would ever be able to do. The Mantis is a great machine and very easy to assemble. The video tape and instructions are also very easy to follow. I will be telling all my gardening friends about it."
Jamie P. – Florida

I don't believe I have ever previously written a letter of this type. Several months ago I purchased a Mantis Tiller as a gift for my wife. She loves to garden. I don't necessarily share her enthusiasm. I bought it on the recommendation of a co-worker who raved about the one he had. Frankly, I thought he was exaggerating however, I was in need of a gift and because of my wife's passion for the yard, I decided to make the purchase. If nothing else, it was easier than going to the mall. … Having wrestled with full size tillers in the past, it seemed as though the Mantis was going to be too small to do much of anything. I was very wrong. It is infrequent that you buy something that lives up to the hype contained in the advertisement. If something turns out to be half as good as the sales pitch you're usually very happy. The Mantis does not equal the promises made in your sales literature, it far exceeds them. It is mind-boggling the amount of work that little machine puts out. More amazing is the ease of operation. My wife is a small girl and I was concerned that I would have to handle the tilling phase of her endeavors. That has not been the case. Much to my relief, she operates the Mantis with ease."
John J. – Connecticut

A few years ago I purchased a Mantis tiller for use in my yard. This year we are landscaping and planting grass. My husband started out with the Mantis and then we decided to rent a larger tiller to get the job done a little faster. What a mistake! The big rental machine did not even come close to what the Mantis could and would do. Needless to say we returned it to the rental store immediately and my husband started using the Mantis again. The Mantis ran circles around the bigger tiller. Lesson learned - always use your Mantis for any project! We are happy with our Mantis tiller."
Tammy M. – Washington

I have a relatively small garden, only 16' x 16'. When I went to buy a tiller, I only considered buying one of the larger 5-8 horsepower models, thinking one of those little Mantis tillers was just too small. I found out my aunt had a Mantis and loved it. I thought, why not try one. This has been probably the best purchase I have ever made in the way of lawn and garden equipment. This little Mantis does much more than I had previously thought it could and more. The ease of use cannot be overemphasized. I am now looking forward to a bountiful garden for years to come. This little fellow is TOUGH."
Kevin H. – Arkansas

It isn't often these days that a product lives up to its advertising. My mantis tiller has done this and more. I am a sixty year old man that has had two strokes in my life. My garden is not less than 2,600 sq. ft. My little tiller handles this like it was nothing. It turns the dirt into a fine beautiful black dirt. There is no struggle whatsoever to use this tiller."
Rick J. – Wisconsin

You probably need to remove me from your mailing list. I bought a Mantis from a local supplier, Midwest Equipment, in Peoria, IL. A friend bought one last year and told me what a workhorse it was. When I made up my mind to get one, I went to Midwest Equipment and purchased one in a box. It took about 20 minutes to put it together. It's worth every penny I paid for it and I wonder why I didn't have one sooner. I've used it to till every flower bed my wife has and my daughter's beds and a neighbor's garden area. I've rented larger tillers that don't do nearly as quick and good a job as the Mantis. Great piece of equipment!"
James R. – Illinois

Amazing results

As a master gardener, you need every tool you can get. Anything to make it a little easier for you and your back. Buying a Mantis is one of the best things I’ve ever done. The new Mantis is still a Mantis, and it’s still great."
Sherry D. – Kansas

I have had my Mantis for 12 years now and I get as much work out of it as I did the first year I got it. I love my Mantis. That little machine does more work than anyone can imagine. My garden is about 40' by 25' and the ground is very hard by my Mantis cuts right through all that stuff and mulches the ground so there is no lumps anywhere."
James S. – Massachusetts

Diana D. We have owned the Mantis for a couple of years now, and are still amazed at all the things it will do. Perhaps the best thing it does for us is to dig holes in hard soil for planting shrubs and trees. We recently planted 18 oleanders along the fence behind our yard. The soil is very hard, but Mantis did the job."

Diana D. – Arizona

I have just purchased a Mantis Tiller and I am thrilled with the performance!! When I first looked at the Mantis - I was skeptical. I needed a tiller to work a half an acre plot that I am turning into herb and perennial gardens. I wasn't initially convinced that it would meet my needs - given the size of the property. The weight of the cultivator was perfect and would be easy to handle. I wanted a tiller that I could use and not have to wait on my husband to do the tilling for me and the Mantis fits the bill. We brought the Mantis home and immediately tried it out - the results were amazing! Last year, we borrowed a neighbour's roto tiller - big, heavy to use that cost him $2000. (Nice machine - but in comparison - the Mantis digs deeper and the finished product is finer soil - ready to plant.) We have used the Mantis in small flower beds and have discovered that you can get close to plants without digging them up. The Mantis is saving my back and has cut down my time turning over the soil."
Ruth P. – Ontario, Canada

I used my Mantis Tiller today for the first time. It first tackled my mom & dad's wet garden with only one stop to unclog the tines. I tilled my tomato patch when I got home; it was dry & the Mantis pulverized the soil like sand, pitching out several rocks along the way. The thing is the greatest thing since sliced can probably slice bread, too! I can't wait to till my wife's new flower bed; it's a joy to watch the Mantis Electric tiller work...& in silence! Thanks for the fantastic labor-saving device."
Steven D. – Indiana

I purchased a Mantis tiller somewhere in the neighborhood of seven or eight years ago. I saw various print ads of the woman holding the tiller up with one hand and I would think to myself... 'what a crock, that thing cannot possibly do a decent job.' Then one day a neighbor let me borrow his, and that's all it took. I was shocked, and hooked. My own tiller was a larger 'Merry Tiller' and I have not used it since I bought the Mantis. I cannot say enough good things about the Mantis tiller. I have used it to till my ten 4x8 vegetable garden beds, as well as dig a hole to plant various trees. It truly is an amazing piece of machinery. I have recommended it numerous times to friends and co-workers. If I see a customer in a retail store looking at a Mantis, I immediately turn into the best salesman ever, relating my own experience with the Mantis."
Alex N. – North Carolina

We bought the new Mantis 16" tiller and LOVE it. I was worried it might be too much of a workout to pull backwards because of the additional tines but it's not. My ground was very hard so to speed things up I initially broke the ground up with a large tiller (not that the Mantis could not do it but I was in a big hurry) and after that... the Mantis tore it up quickly. The dirt was like powder and it was very easy. It even chopped up the leaves I tilled in. The tiller cleanup was very easy with a water hose. We really love the 16" Mantis tiller. I studied all of the little tillers that might be in the same category as the Mantis and am very pleased with my decision. This tiller is great for all kinds of jobs from big to small by removing the outer tines. The Mantis tiller starts very easily and is easy to transport from one place to another. Hope you all enjoy your Mantis tillers like I do!"
Debbie B. – Texas

It's versatile

Love this machine in my garden every year! I'd like to say here in Maine, I decided to use it on the major ice build up we had this year. Made a small trench to make the water flow from the major ice build up we had. Didn't want the ice/water to melt & flow into the garage. It is an awesome machine! Worked great to cut the ice & make a path. Water flowed down hill into the back yard once the path was made with the tiller. Nice machine! Can use it year round even in Maine!"
Coleman B. – Maine

My friend last winter had a horrendous flood problem in his basement. This last weekend we decided to replace his twenty-year old drainage tile. At depths as much as 3 feet and as shallow as 1 foot. We dug 103 feet of old tile that had in places disintegrated. We used my Mantis to loosen the soil prior to digging. It worked great right down to the three-foot level. I was really happy that it worked so well, and he is an avid Mantis supporter now. Thanks for the great versatile Mantis Tiller."
Peter N. – British Columbia, Canada

"I have been an avid gardener for more than thirty years and have borrowed, rented, or owned a large tiller each of those years. When my youngest son moved hundreds of miles away and needed a tiller of his own, we sent him some money to help him purchase his first one. … He brought the tiller with him on the next visit home. You cannot imagine my disbelief when he began tilling my garden with one hand and proceeded to turn my heavy clay to the consistency of coffee grounds. … This little monster didn't just 'slice' the compacted heavy clay into clods - it helped us create a 20' x 24' raised bed that has produced the finest gardens I have ever had. The ease of tilling led me to develop another flower garden for my wife's prized plants, and two hillside gardens for shade plantings. In addition, I used the Mantis to dig an 8' x 9' x 24" deep goldfish pond near the deck on our house. What would have taken all day was completed in less than two hours. You certainly have an outstanding product."
Al M. – Ohio

How I managed to garden for so many years without a Mantis tiller, I'll never know! I had a huge 10 HP 'easy to manage' (ha!) tiller for 27 years. Three years ago I saw your ad for the 20 pound Mantis, which I immediately ordered. Thank goodness I did! It is truly the answer to a gardener's prayer, not only for tilling and weeding, but it works like magic digging holes for planting trees, edging the lawn and garden, and working up lawn areas that need to be re-seeded."
Charlene B. Wisconsin

"I LOVE THIS TILLER! I had to use the little beast to dig my way out of my place after a 10" snowfall this past December. I slid down my driveway backwards three times before I got out my Mantis and tilled the ice down to the gravel and got out and got to the doctor! Thank you for building such a fine machine."
Tom M. – Missouri

I thought I'd share with you my excitement regarding my new Mantis Tiller. I call it new, but I've owned it for two years now. There is no comparison to the 'Big & Heavy' tillers. Sure the big ones have more power, but the Mantis is so much more versatile. Some of my friends have seen my Mantis in action and wanted me to come over and till their gardens. All in all, Mantis has to be the best 'TILL' for the money - plus the best well constructed small tiller I have seen or used."
Terry H. – Nebraska

My wife purchased your tiller 5 years ago. I have to admit, I was unsure of its ability to do the job of the larger tillers, but after using it for the past 5 years, I must admit, I am more than impressed with the versatility of the machine. This little machine is by far the finest tiller I have ever had the privilege to operate. I've been gardening my entire life and have struggled with all of my front and rear tine tillers, but this little tiller is a pleasure to operate. I have put approximately 50 hours on this tiller without a single problem, the tines are starting to show some wear, but that hasn't affected its performance!"
Rick I. – Michigan

I bought the Mantis Tiller three years ago, my first with no previous tilling experience. I purchased it because I did some research and at the time it seemed the best valued product. I've been using it every year and it has performed flawlessly. A friend of mine this year saw me use the tiller and indicated that I should purchase a tiller with more 'muscle' given the size of my yard. Given his many years of gardening experience, I did. I bought a 5.5 hp Craftsman, counter-rotating tines, forward, reverse, etc. I've used the new tiller a few times now and have decided to sell it and continue to use my Mantis for I now have even a better appreciation for it. It is more versatile, maneuverable, lighter, powerful, practical, economical and safer - just to name a few major differences! Never again am I considering anything else other then my Mantis Tiller."
Tony F. – California

The Mantis is one powerful tool. I have tilled gardens of up to 1/4 acre from fresh untouched ground. The Mantis pulverizes the soil for perfect gardening and does it with relative ease. Any tiller that you can carry from barn to garden in one hand, then completely prepare the soil for gardening, is a great tool! I have used the Mantis to swale for drainage around my home, to dig holes for my live Christmas trees, to create good 'fill dirt' when I needed to even my lawn, and much more. I would recommend the Mantis to any home owner as it is much more that 'just a tiller.' "
Bill W. – Indiana

I don't use my big tiller anymore

Wow, what a terrific tiller. Put together very quickly, could not wait to hit the garden. Getting rid of my old heavy tiller, and telling everyone -- Get a Mantis. Great product. Highly satisfied customer."
B. Reffner - Pennsylvania

I am impressed! I was skeptical that this little 20 lb machine could do the job. No more! We got it a few days ago and I put it together. We had some tough jobs for it and it worked so much better than I thought it would. I won't be borrowing the neighbor’s big tiller anymore and they might be borrowing my Mantis!"
T. Costello - Illinois

I admit I was skeptical for some time, as to how well a tiller so small would do in hard clay. I was amazed by the fact that it actually does a BETTER job than my big, back-breaking tiller, and with little or no effort!!!! Pulverizes the clay into a nice powdery soil without those annoying lumps!!! Believe me, my back is as grateful as I am!! My heavy tiller has already found a new home. Thank you, Mantis!!! (wish I hadn't waited so long to try it...)"
Bob C. – Tennessee

Joe B.
Joseph B. – Ohio

I am a contractor, hands on, love to do the work. For years I have worked inside the home and always when it came time to landscape, I'd move right outside to get involved. I've always worked with either my 8hp Troy-Bilt or rented a front tine tiller from a local yard. I have read about the Mantis for years and finally purchased one last fall, what a change it has made in my approach to the job. I'm nearing the end of a complete regrade of a yard, front and back and have barely pulled out the Troy-Bilt, I have done almost everything with my Mantis. I find I can't wait to get it started. I have created raised beds, tilled existing beds, graded the lawn area and tilled in the fertilizer with energy to spare. And the getting into corners doesn't even require a shovel anymore! Thanks Mantis, I don't have enough good words to say about you."
Gordon D. – California

I had previously owned a troy bilt mini tiller which did not hold up and wasn't half the work horse of my Mantis. I had seen quite a bit of promotion for the Mantis on TV, magazines, etc. and happened to see one on display. I was a little skeptical about spending money on another mini tiller, but there was another older gentleman at the store who owned a Mantis who was so convincing in his recommendation of the Mantis and its attributes and warranty. I bought the last one in stock and have been very glad that I did. My garden is 40 x 60 in a back yard that is 10 x 130 and my Mantis sure takes a lot of work out of my lawn and garden chores. For its size and weight it is amazing what it can do."
Donald M. – Illinois

I traded a 6-hp Troy-Bilt Tiller to purchase one of your Mantis Tillers. Best investment I ever made! We have more than 60 rose bushes and a 70' x 30' garden which was hard clay and stones. No more! With your tiller, I work in all the leaves, grass and manure. I have beautiful soil and no hard work. Plus the best part… no weeds between the rows!"
Douglas J. – New York

Great attachments

I did use the dethatcher and aerator last weekend and they too worked great. Easy to attach and they did a great job. With a little fertilizer and the rain expected here this Saturday I will have to tell people to step away from the lawn so the growth doesn't knock them down.

Thanks again for a great product."
Paul R. – Massachusetts

I just needed to give credit where credit is due. I purchased one of your tillers last year and have been thrilled with it. I have a few raised flower beds that I have built, and for this type of gardening, the Mantis is exceptional. Just yesterday I received the grass dethatcher attachment from you and used it last night. It also works exceptionally well. It took me a couple hours to do what usually takes me days with my lawn. Thanks for producing such an outstanding piece of equipment. I will be passing the word."
Arnold L. – Idaho

What a GREAT product and SERVICE. This thing WORKS... We use it in flowerbeds and gardens, edging, thatching and aerating. I bought one because I borrowed one once from a neighbor and that 1 time I knew I would use it for tons of things. I had a minor issue with a tine and handle but both times the product was handled right away. Thanks again for GREAT product we will be using for years to come. If anyone else sees this message, do yourself a favor and buy ALL of the attachments along with the Mantis because they work."
Ed I. – Ohio

Just ordered the lawn dethatcher for my Mantis tiller. It worked beyond my wildest dreams. I had a passerby stop me and ask where he could purchase a unit like mine. He rented other dethatchers and used a lawn mower blade that dethatched and said 'nothing I used worked as good as that.' It was the best purchase I have made for my lawn!"
William S. – New York

I don't write endorsements for products; however I wanted to say that the Mantis rotary dethatching attachment did a great job on my yard. It worked perfectly and lifted hundreds of pounds of thatch to the surface. Rarely does a product work this well and I am very satisfied with its performance. I used it twice this season, first in the early fall and again last weekend. In both instances I was impressed how much material was lifted without any noticeable damage to the grass. I have previously used both rotary and commercial dethatchers and neither performed as well as the Mantis."
Stephen R. – Connecticut

After borrowing a Mantis Tiller (and unsuccessfully trying to buy it from the person who no longer used it, but loans it out) I decided to purchase my own. I can honestly say that it is the best piece of yard equipment I have ever purchased. I ordered the aerator and dethatcher a week later when I realized the value in them also. I have gardened for many years and have both rented full-size tillers and turned it by hand. The full-size tiller was too hard for me to handle, and as for turning over yourself, not only is it time consuming you get lumps that just don't want to break apart. Your tiller starts near effortlessly and it is so blessed easy to move around that I tilled my vegetable garden twice before planting and the soil looked great. I also dethatched and aerated my front yard, which desperately needed reseeding, in a very short period of time and without undue stress and strain. Even changing the accessories is unbelievably fast and easy! I only wish I knew about this product years ago, but hindsight is 20/20 and I have it now!"
Christine D. – New Jersey

A message for women

My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him, 'A Mantis tiller.' It's been about 7 years since he got it for me and I still think it's the best thing since sliced bread (right up there with my saws-all). So light and easy to use. Always starts up fairly easily with a few pulls even if it has set idle in the barn for a few months. Our daughter wanted her own flower garden plot. It took a while for the tiller to get through the hard packed red clay, but it did the job and spit the rocks out as it went. I added compost on top and it tilled it in very quickly. With a bed of deep tilled and amended soil, our daughter has a nice bed for annuals. Subsequent tilling takes only about 10 minutes to ready for new plantings. My husband and I had to dig some trenches to bury the downspout extensions of our new house. He was really struggling as he dug the hard clay with a shovel when I told him, 'Just a minute!' I ran down to the barn and grabbed the Mantis tiller. It broke up the clay in the trench so all we had to do was shovel out the loose soil. Saved us a LOT of time and manual labor. Really sold my husband as to its usefulness too. We loaned it to friends who used it to till some hard-packed soil at the side of their house - they liked it so much, they bought one too! It's still hard to believe that something so small and light can be such a powerhouse of a machine! And it's kind of like the energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and going with little maintenance. We haven't even had to change the sparkplug! Many times there is a lot of hype when products are marketed and they sound too good to be true. But the Mantis tiller is everything it is advertised to be. How refreshing! Thanks for a great product - every home needs one!"
Diane O. – Tennessee

I just wanted to tell anyone and everyone how happy I am with the Mantis Tiller! I am a 60 yr.old woman who foolishly ordered 25 trees to plant on our property. You would not believe the rocks that machine kicked out without any damage to the tines! Between the two of us ,we planted 20 of those trees. The best investment I ever made. Thank you!"
Rebecca S. – Missouri

Ellen J.Enclosed are pictures showing how my daughter, Lynn, and I put in a garden pond in 6 hours one day this spring. I sure like my Mantis rototiller, and have told many people about it. Most of them have heard about the Mantis, and quite a few already own one. A friend of mine had told me a couple years ago that she had one, but I didn't follow up on the information to check one out. Last fall I did, and really was pleased with the result. Now it would take a lot to separate me from my Mantis!"

Ellen J. – Nebraska

My friends thought I was nuts because I got excited about my new Mantis Tiller. But they don't think I'm crazy now that they've seen my garden. The Mantis Tiller makes it easy. In five minutes I've got a perfect bed ready to plant. I love my Mantis Tiller. I'm sure if more women like myself knew how easy it is to handle, they would be breaking down your doors. Thanks a million for coming up with this idea: a lightweight tiller that's so easy for us."
Mabel N. – Michigan

My husband decided to surprise me with a Mantis - something I have wanted for way too many years. We put it together today, and I went to work - actually it was more like play! I am 56 years old with arthritis and a bad back, and was finding digging my garden to be an increasing chore. Add to that the new home we moved into last year was built on the parking lot for the builders model homes, so the ground was compacted for about 3 years. I can't believe how fun and wonderful this little machine is!"
Cathie P. – Arizona

Saves money!

I am writing to praise the Mantis Tiller as the most important garden tool I own. We live in the country and whatever I grow in the garden is used fresh, canned or frozen for the winter. If my garden doesn't produce I am sparsely prepared for winter. Two weeks after my birthday in 1999, I was in a roll-over accident. I was lucky to have no broken bones but my neck, shoulders, back and legs were severely angled, making walking, hoeing, pulling weeds, sitting, or any movement at all extremely painful. I could use the Mantis for 45 minutes to an hour at a time, thus keeping up with a prolific garden that otherwise would have gone to weeds. If it hadn't been for the Mantis, I would not have been able to garden at all in 1999. As it was, it turned out to be very prosperous and at the end of the season, not only did I have ample food for winter, but had enough left over that I was able to sell the excess at work. Thank you so very much for such an important part of my garden tools. I have told many of my family and friends about how wonderful and easy to use the Mantis is. I absolutely love it. No avid gardener should be without one!"
Barb H. – Iowa

I thought I'd share with you my excitement regarding my new Mantis Tiller. I call it new, but I've owned it for two years now. There is no comparison to the 'Big & Heavy' tillers. Sure the Big ones have more power, but the Mantis is so much more versatile. Some of my friends have seen my Mantis in action and wanted me to come over and till their gardens. All in all, Mantis has to be the best 'TILL' for the money - plus the best well constructed small tiller I have seen or used. Keep up the good work!"
Terry H. – Nebraska

The investment I made in my little Mantis Tiller is the smartest thing I've ever done. It is the one tool I have that I am able to start by myself - and to me that's saying something for this 70-year-old granny! You wouldn't believe the flower beds I have tilled using my Mantis; the holes I've dug for planting large shrubs; all in the hard, red clay I have to work with, and all with only normal, routine maintenance. Thank you for this great little tiller."
Bobby M. – Georgia