NEW! FastStart option available

For an additional $30 you can upgrade to the FastStart Mantis Tiller. The FastStart reduces starting effort by a full 75%. Choose the FastStart option when you order your tiller.


FastStart now available on 2-Cycle Tiller

FastStartFor an additional $30 you can upgrade to the FastStart 2-Cycle Tiller. Starts the engine with 75% less effort. Here's how it works: FastStart features a spring-loaded, ratchet-recoil to adjust the piston and compress air while delivering fuel directly to the ignition point. One smooth, easy complete pull is usually all you'll need for faster, easier starts with much less effort. Choose the FastStart option when you order your tiller.


There is no fee for this service!

Visa, Mastercard, Discover

We'll automatically spread your TOTAL payment over four months. So you can enjoy a new Mantis product and any attachments or accessories, with four convenient monthly payments and NO added interest charges.

Simply select your items, and then fill out the contact, billing and shipping information. When you get to the Method of Payment section, select the option which says, "Charge my credit card in four equal monthly payments."

You can find the 3-digit code on the back of your Visa card, next to your signature. You may see other numerals there, but only the last three digits make up the security code, which is also sometimes referred to as the "CVV2 code."

If you are ordering from a Mantis mailing, Mantis catalog, or Mantis online offer, please enter the key code that appears on the order form, or in the online offer. This will ensure the special offer is applied to your order during checkout.

SV NumberWhen ordering parts, you may need to locate the SV number of your engine. The SV number is located between the gas tank & the carburetor, behind the gas line, on a black and silver tab on the silver engine housing.

It will consist of the letters "SV," a number and another letter.
Examples: SV4A, SV4B1E.

Fiskar's Phone & Garden Pocket

We'll attach the handles, the tines and the Kickstand for you. Just take it out of the box, and you're ready to go!

24V Spare Battery

Save money when you buy a spare chain with your chainsaw.

Border Edger Attachment

Now $9.95 (was $49.95)


How To Make Compost in 14 Days and What To Compost

The ComposTumbler uses a unique process to make great compost in 14 days.

You can make compost in 3 easy steps with a ComposTumbler composter.

Fill the ComposTumbler with compost

Collect Organic Waste

1. Just collect a variety of organic waste materials
from your yard, property and garden. Put them in
your ComposTumbler composter, close the door,
and immediately give the tumbler 5 turns.

Spin the ComposTumbler

Tumble Your Compost

2. Give the tumbler 5 turns every day, once
a day, for the next 13 days. No heavy lifting!

Empty the compost from the ComposTumbler

Finished Compost in 14 days!

3. On the 14th day open the door and tumble
out your finished compost.


  • Be sure the mix of ingredients you put in your tumbler contains wastes high in nitrogen and carbon for a good balance.
  • Do not attempt to make compost using any products that have been treated with chemical fertilizers or pest control products.
  • If you have bulky items to compost, such as corn cobs, melon rinds, and shrub clippings, be sure to run them through a shredder before putting them your tumbler.

Menu of Things to Compost

  • Fresh Grass Clippings
  • Shredded Leaves
  • Kitchen Trimmings and Peels from Vegetables and Fruits
  • Sawdust
  • Garden Throwouts such as dead flowers and plants
  • Weeds (Yes! The temperature inside the ComposTumbler gets hot enough to kill the weed seeds!)
  • Manure (From horses, cows, chickens, rabbits, pigs or sheep. Do not attempt to compost any wastes from dogs or cats.)
  • Black & White sections of newspapers
  • Rotted fruits and vegetables
  • Pine Needles
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Tea Leaves

What Else Can You Add to Your Compost?

You can add almost any organic material to your compost, and in small quantities you're unlikely to upset the balance of "greens" and "browns."

To see an interesting list of the many items that can be added to your compost, click here.