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Why Two Composting Bins in One?

Every time you add scraps to a compost bin, it lengthens the waiting time for finished compost. To make fast compost, don’t add new material to your composting bin – allow the pile to build up a heat core so materials can decompose quickly. In a single chamber composting bin, you must wait for the compost to fully decompose...or buy two composters.

The Mantis ComposT-Twin has dual compost bins. Your compost “cooks” in one side of the composter, while you continue to add your compostable materials to the other side of the composter. There is always a place for your scraps and there’s always compost for your garden!

Other benefits include...

  • No mess, no smells, no unsightly composting bin in your backyard. Contained and elevated to deter pests.
  • No back-breaking work to mix and aerate pile - just turn the gear-driven handle.
  • No struggle to remove finished compost - just place a wheelbarrow below the composting bin and dump away

With traditional compost bins, twice the space, means twice the work.

With a traditional compost bin, you must...

  • Mix all food scraps into the compost bin and cover it to keep out animals, rodents, and insects.
  • Use a pitchfork to turn and aerate your pile.
  • Wait months for finished compost.
  • Dig out finished compost from the bottom of the pile with a shovel.
  • If your composting bin is not raised, be sure to remove finished compost before all the nutrients leach into the soil below.
Traditional Composting Bin

The Mantis ComposT-Twin makes composting easier!