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Mantis Composter Testimonials

We want to share with you these unsolicited testimonials from our customers! All of the testimonials on this web site are unsolicited, and are used with the customer's written approval.


I wanted to tell you how much I like your product; it is great. I grow palm trees as a hobby and I have been a composter for many years; after many year of arduous work composting with many backbreaking methods, I saw the superiority of rotary composters like the ones you sell. After looking at many brands of "rotary-type" composters, I decided that your ComposT-Twin product looked like the best one to go with. There was another brand that also caught my eye; however, I bought your product. It has served me well; you make a great product."
Steven G - Florida

I'm very happy with my Compost-Twin. The Compost-Twin took my gardening to new heights. I've always been dedicated to soil improvement. The Compost-Twin has greatly improved all the products (vegetables, flowers, mainly hot/exotic peppers) that I grow and sell. The output is tremendous. I'm definitely recommending this product to all my fellow home gardeners and growers. Thank you Mantis for this incredible machine."
Larry W - Michigan

The success story is that the compost is really rich, a black soil, slightly moist to the touch, really earthy smell, this is a great smell, hard to explain, by real earthy. No odor is coming from either ComposT-Twin side. The completed compost side or the filling side. This is really great."
Brenda A - Mississippi

I would recommend this product because it works so quickly... amazing product and customer service."
Alisa K - CA

...makes compost in a very short time when compared to traditional compost bins/heaps. Much easier to mix the compost materials by turning the bins on a daily basis versus using a pitchfork and turning by hand ... very easy to assemble ... makes great compost in a short period of time."
Kwei-Yin L - CA

It makes composting so easy, and it takes a lot less time to get good compost..."
Craig M - NM

Best manufactured item I ever assembled - everything fit perfectly."
- R. Schockman - OH

I swear by my compost tumbler in Arizona. With our 8% humidity, any compost site dries out. With my compost tumbler there is a completed batch every 2 weeks-a great asset for a very alkaline soil. Thanks!"
- L. Schmidt - AZ

I like the vents for the water to run through the compost for compost tea. I simply leave a bucket under the hole and pour the water that runs through the compost onto my garden for a great natural fertilizer."
- M. Evans - AL

The back porch tumbler has performed perfectly! We live in the desert and it's sure nice to see more 'green' thanks to the back porch tumbler!
- D. A. Dobbs - CA

I recently ordered your compact compost tumbler. It is without a doubt the best move I've made in years. Have already completed 2 batches and am working on a 3rd. I love it!"
- B. Fagan - AR

It's a real pleasure to have a company like Mantis stand behind it's product both in quality and service. I know I'll have many years of dependable service with a quality company such as yours."
D. K. - North Carolina

There are many companies which provide good products, but what makes a truly excellent company is the service they provide for their customers after the purchase is made. You have a very fine customer service department and a truly excellent product."
C. R. - Pennsylvania