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Useful Gardening and Yard Care Tips for Summer

Some tips and hints to help with your seasonal garden and yard care.

Yard Care Tips for Summer

1. Early to mid-summer is a great time to prune shrubs. Remove any dead branches, trim broken or overlapping branches, and reshape any shrubs that have growth that distorts their symmetry or desired shape. Pruning will improve their appearance and encourage new growth. You can prune shrubs throughout the summer, but don't prune in the fall because the new growth encouraged by pruning may not survive the winter. You will get professional results and enjoy the convenience of battery power by using the Mantis Cordless Hedge Trimmer. The rotating front handle makes it easy to trim hedges and shrubs at any angle.

2. Continue to weed your garden often to stay ahead of weeds. Weeds can spread very quickly during the warm days of summer, and they'll rob your plants of both nutrition and water. Pull weeds when the soil is moist and the weeds are small. Grab weeds with your thumb and index finger at the soil level, and gently pull them straight up. This will allow you to remove the entire weed plant … roots and all. Early morning weeding sessions after an overnight rainfall or morning watering can be very efficient.
Read our helpful hints on weeding.

3. Early summer is good time to get work on a great looking lawn. The Mantis Border Edger attachment will quickly and easily clean up the edges between your lawn and flower beds. You can also aerate and dethatch your lawn in early summer (golf courses routinely aerate in early summer, when quickly growing grass helps the lawn recover quickly). If you own a Mantis Tiller, the Aerator/Dethatcher Combination Package can help you have a picture perfect lawn without hiring a lawn care service. If you need to wait until the end of the growing season, note that you should aerate and dethatch lawns no later than four to six weeks prior to the end of the growing season.

4. Consider buying a rain gage if you don't already have one. Summer storms create widely varying amounts of rainfall in areas as little as a mile apart, and you can't depend on the local news to report how much rain your part of the world has actually received. Plants, like people, need adequate water to thrive.

5. Summer is a great time to build a deer food plot. If you're a hunter or wildlife photographer, a deer food plot may increase your likelihood of seeing more deer. The Mantis XP 16" Tiller is ideal for this job … it's big enough to get the job done quickly and easily; and, it's light enough to carry it to "remote" locations.

6. Add mulch to your flower and vegetable gardens throughout the season. Our favorite mulch is a combination of shredded dry leaves and grass clippings. The leaves help prevent the grass clippings from matting, and the grass clippings help prevent the leaves from blowing away. Mulch helps suppress weeds and also keeps your soil retain moisture. As mulch decomposes, it will boost your soil's tilth and fertility.

7. Composting is a year ‘round activity for serious gardeners. Pruning material and grass clippings are plentiful in the summer; and, it simply makes sense to compost as much of this material as possible. You'll need to add some "brown" material to grass clippings and other green materials. Learn more about what to compost.

8. Protect yourself from the potential damage of the sun and the annoyance of mosquitoes by using sunblock and insect repellent (there are even a few combination products that will do both!). Try to eliminate standing water sources that are a natural breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you have ticks in your area, consider treating your gardening clothes with Sawyer Permethrin Insect Repellent (available at Wal-Mart, REI, and other retailers). Simply spray your gardening clothing several hours before gardening, and you'll be protected from ticks, mosquitoes, and lots of other nasty bugs. Treated clothes remain effective through six or seven washings.

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