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Useful Gardening and Yard Care Tips for Fall

Some tips and hints to help with your seasonal garden and yard care.

Yard Care Tips for Fall

1. Clean up the vegetable garden. Remove weeds, dead and spent plants. If the soil has compacted, you can till in compost into the top 6-8" of soil. If you have a lot of clay in your soil, add some sand.

2. Prevent erosion in your garden by covering it with a layered mixture of shredded dry leaves and grass clippings. The advantage of using a mixture is the leaves won't blow away and the grass clippings will not mat down. Plus your garden will look better until you are ready to begin to garden again next season.

3. Make compost from grass clippings, dry leaves, garden scraps, and most kitchen scraps. Fall is a perfect time to start composting because there are lots of compostable yard and garden debris that might otherwise be sent to a landfill! Dry, brown leaves are one of the best ingredients for your compost. Mantis has a compost bin that is just right for your property.

4. Remove twigs and other debris from the lawn before the leaves start to fall.

5. Aerate the lawn. Aerating before or at the time of late season fertilization enhances root growth and improves spring green-up and growth. Cool season grass such as Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass can be aerated in fall, between August and November. Use the Mantis Lawn Aerator Attachment to get the job done fast. Read more about the benefits of lawn aeration.

6. Now is the time to plant a spring-flowering bulb garden. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, alliums, some lilies, and more are planted in the fall, ideally several weeks before the ground freezes. Read more on how to Create a bulb garden for how and what to plant so you'll have beautiful results to enjoy for years.

7. Replant your containers with cool weather lovers such as pansies, asters, chrysanthemums, and ornamental kale. Mini pumpkins and gourds also make nice additions.

8. Have your Mantis tiller serviced at the Mantis factory. Your tiller will receive a complete physical and we'll perform necessary maintenance services using only factory parts and additives. Or visit your local authorized Mantis dealer to have your tiller serviced and ready for the next season.

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