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Useful Gardening and Yard Care Tips for Summer

Some tips and hints to help with your seasonal garden and yard care.

Yard Care Tips for Summer

1. Adding a layer of mulch helps plants survive the stress of summer and minimizes weeds. For maximum effectiveness, mulch should be applied only 2-3 inches deep around ornamental plants.

2. Keep mulch away from shrub and tree trunks. By mulching around the trunk of a tree you are covering up the root flare which means you are covering up parts of the tree that were meant to be exposed to air. The excess moisture can cause rot.

3. Compost grass clippings and spent plants from the flower and vegetable garden; they are a good source of high nitrogen, green materials for the compost pile. Here's a list of more things to compost.

4. Cultivate around plants and between rows in your garden. This will allow water to penetrate, and the soil to absorb air and nutrients. Cultivating also removes weeds and makes your garden look nice and neat! Turn the tines of the Mantis Tiller to the cultivating position and weed faster than using hand tools!

5. Water efficiently. Water in the early morning or early evening to minimize evaporation. More water management tips here.

6. Pick vegetables and herbs regularly; share your excess harvest with local food banks, neighbors and coworkers.

7. Pinch or snip off dead or faded flower blooms once a week to encourage re-blooming. Check your local garden center for bargains on perennials and annuals now.

Perennial Planting Chart

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