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Useful Gardening and Yard Care Tips for Spring

Some tips and hints to help with your seasonal garden and yard care.

Yard Care Tips for Sprinf

1. Check the condition of your Mantis Tiller. If you left fuel in the tank, now is the time to start and run the tiller for a few minutes. You'll be glad that you did when tilling season arrives. Or let Mantis give your tiller a 'spa treatment'. Our Mantis service technicians will give your tiller a complete check-up and will perform some important preventative maintenance. Get a Tiller Service Check Up Now!.

2. Early season crops, like broccoli and cabbage, can be followed by quick-growing crops like lettuce, spinach, radishes, and even quick-maturing summer squash. With a little cultivating and some additional compost or organic fertilizer, you can get two crops from one area.

3. If this is your first garden and you want to start small, you could plant a "Salsa" garden. All you'll need are tomatoes, peppers (red and/or green), and onions. Read our small space gardening ideas..

4. Instead of peat moss, reach for compost! Over the last few years, peat moss has become popular as a soil amendment. It helps retain water and can aerate heavy soil. But why stop there? Compost does those things and so much more. The nutrients provided by compost increase disease resistance in plants and lead to bigger blooms on flowers and better yields from your garden. We’ll help you start making compost now.

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