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Mantis Tiller Attachment Compatibility Chart

This chart references current year and previous model year tillers

Tiller Attachments 2-Cycle 9" Gas Tiller 4-Cycle 9" Tiller Electric 9" Tiller All XP 16" 4-Cycle Tillers
Aerator/Dethatcher Combo x x x x
Border Edger x x x -
Crevice Cleaner x x x -
Hedge Trimmer Bar 24"
Double Edge
x - - -
Hedge Trimmer Bar 30"
Single Edge
x - - -
Lawn Aerator x x x x
Lawn Dethatcher x x x x
Planter/Furrower x x x x
Plow x1 x1 x x
Plow & Planter/Furrower
Combo Package
x1 x1 x x
Wheel Set x1 x1 x x

1When using the Plow or Wheel Set attachment with a Deluxe tiller model, please remove the front bumper on the tiller before attaching.